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"What you're not changing you're choosing.

Choose wisely."


Why hire a coach?


You're here. You want to be there.

Fears and doubts stand in the way.

I support people in expanding their vision and experience of what is possible in their lives. Breaking through the glass ceiling and moving beyond limiting thoughts and beliefs. With expanded awareness, more choices and actions become available- leading to greater achievement and - more importantly - a greater sense of satisfaction in life.

We begin to create an integral life of balance by connecting intention, word, and deed. 

Much like a chiropractor works to bring the spine into alignment leading to more flexibility and movement, when a life is aligned so much more is possible. All it takes are small measured adjustments and a tremendous difference can be made. 

Through reflection, accountability, and action we will create a life of possibility.

Awakening you to your full potential and to the world at large.

Let me support you in creating a life in alignment.



Zachary has been on a journey on self-discovery and personal development for most of his life. Raised by two psychologists he was taught early on to dive in and hone his skills of self-awareness. A background and training as a theatrical actor (both in traditional theatre and the experimental theatre group “Dzieci”) provided further somatic practice and experience with transformation and integration. His expertise in coaching developed through his training in the ICF accredited program "Accomplishment Coaching". Currently living in New York city, he coaches creative professionals and social entrepreneurs worldwide, supporting them in moving from vision to action, working toward their projects and dreams, and inviting integration and integrity into every step of their lives. Passionate about physical fitness and healthy living, he enjoys engaging with clients along their own journeys of transformation.


How to begin

Coffee discussions will help determine compatibility and connection. 

Click below to set up an initial coffee conversation 

or- if not local- a coaching conversation via phone/Skype.